Elkano Escape Room

The voices of the sea winds bring the unknown soul of Elkano. The cheating voices of The sea winds. We have been told the exploits of the Getaria sailor. We have heard the heroic version of the odyssey that went around the world. We have read the different Elcano profiles in real or interested contexts: browser, impostor, the fisherman who He spoke in Basque with the sirens, the bloodthirsty soldier in favor of the crown, the lover generous, the cowardly rapist, faithful to his crew, traitor to his superiors in charge, loyal to the Spanish emperor, illustrated from the Renaissance, devout, the Christian who signed a secret pact with the devil, the man who was defeated by his manhood, the son who was educated with humanity ... it can be cheap to put labels in memory.

Coincidentally, in all not return trips something is always forgotten. Someone waiting. Change. Silenced by history.

The adventure is in your hands. Here you will not find new interpretations of the story. OR May be. Here you will not find truths or lies about the time that Joan lived Sebastian Elkano Or maybe yes. Here, at best, you will know a little more about yourself. Or maybe not. And doubt is not little.


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